The Working Environment of Ramsha
Jul 2019

Ramsha provides comfort and ease to all its workers. For an innovative brand like Ramsha, it is a prime concern to provide all its employees a safe environment suited to different departments.

Be it the time spent at the workplace or a worker to worker interaction, the admiration is common which promotes a mutual progress and prevents mishaps and injustices. From product management to the working labor, every individual is a noble component of our infrastructure, which we value and treat respectfully.

The mechanical unit which Ramsha has is mainly imported from the trusted companies of Germany and Japan. The cutting, stitching, and embroidery units are highly specialized and functional for their respective functions. This is the reason that Ramsha has never come across any complaints about the quality of fabric or its design.


 This is not an ignored fact that many of the manufacturers come across the problem of manufacturing problems i.e. irregular or missing embroidery, the difference in thread shades, the difference from actual design and much more.

To avoid such inconvenience, Ramsha has selected the most advanced machinery with lesser probability of technical errors possible. Secondly, these machines are often refurbished and renovated to the latest additions for enhanced performance. A team of engineers particularly regulate the working of our manufacturing plant.

The working unit is operational all year around, except for national and public holidays. From labors to designers, each category completes its rotational shift and the cycle continues. We invite national and international evaluation teams for the visit as a guest and a critical analysis of our work to fill any room for improvement. The encouragement from them is humbly accepted and suggestions are considered to upgrade the performance and quality.



Ramsha launches new collections from time to time. Even in-between the manufacturing time, our designers are planning for upcoming collections. The workload on all employees is always maintained to be average so that everyone puts effort to their respective work.

From the employees of working units to management, accounts, and design, all individuals are regarded for their efforts. Each worker is paid for the work he performs on a fair basis. There is no compromise on timely payments. For extra shift, they are paid extra. There is no differentiation of gender and race for employment. Ramsha welcomes everyone wholeheartedly to be a part of our team.

The articles which Ramsha launches are the product of a team work.  From the design to completion, it goes across the hands of many people in various manufacturing units. The dress which is in front of you is not just a piece of cloth but an effort of thousands of people.

The designs for upcoming collection are finalized as per standard rules. There is a standard to make its way for final approval. The approval is based on quality, attraction, uniqueness, and beauty of a design. if two third of our senior designing team disapproves it, it is sent for further enhancements. Only when the majority approves it, it is finalized.

We value our customers and welcome their feedbacks. Mostly, this feedback is used for designing upcoming collections. All our new articles are made as per market trends and customer response. By this, we try to maintain the meaningful and loyal relationship with our customers.